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Whether you know us as "extension," "continuing education," "community education," or "lifelong learning," we represent a 3rd type of educational offerings community colleges in California can do besides classes "for-credit" (for degrees and certificates and with financial aid possible), or free, "noncredit" courses for basic skills development and career training.

In a nutshell, Community Services offers classes, events and other offerings for just about anyone in the community - old or young, resident or not, training for a career or just looking to have a good time. Our offerings are not-for-credit (no transcripts, degrees or CA Community College Certificate programs), and are 100% supported by fees or donations/contributions. We're kind of like public TV or radio, but the education version!

We help folks learn a skill, try out new things and connect with LACC and our neighbors in an educational setting.

Community Services Mission
To provide a wide array of student and community-supported classes, workshops, seminars, excursions, recreational and other offerings to all members of the community. We aim to contribute to the physical, mental, moral, economic and civic development of our surrounding community and in doing so, foster a sense of community and neighborhood.

Community Services strives to achieve the following program outcomes:

  • Provide a broad range of offerings that contribute to the development of the surrounding community
  • Employ qualified instructors with knowledge or skills specific to their topic of instruction
  • Provide flexible, individualized offerings for entities or individuals upon request
  • Provide instructional space that facilitates an effective, safe, and enjoyable learning environment for our offerings
  • Deliver auxiliary support offerings for LACC's credit and non-credit programs and for student support services
Los Angeles City College Mission
Los Angeles City College empowers students from the diverse communities it serves to achieve their educational and career goals by providing learner-centered pathways to success through transfer, career and technical education, and foundational skills programs.

Reviews of Los Angeles City College

(605 Reviews)
Knife Skills Online

Jacquelyn L.

Attended: Knife Skills Online

Carrie was easy to follow and an absolute joy!

Piano/Keyboarding for Adults- Beginning

Jennifer S.

Attended: Piano/Keyboarding for Adults- Beginning

Mr. Al is incredible! I've gained so much more than piano skills in this class! He's super encouraging, kind, and intelligent which has helped me build up confidence on and off the piano. I would take any class he's teaching tbh he's great! 10/10 would recommend

Writing Composition Intensive (Grades 9-12)


Attended: Writing Composition Intensive (Grades 9-12)

Great Teacher

Adobe Illustrator: Training for Everyone

Gordaki P.

Attended: Adobe Illustrator: Training for Everyone

Easy to follow along, easy means of practicing the skills learned independently.

How to Legally Start a Business in LA


Attended: How to Legally Start a Business in LA

For some reason, I was expecting a more robust workshop. I was sent 4 documents and we literally went page by page through their handout. This was a real waste of money! I know how to read so I could have easily gone through it. Also, a lot that was overviewed you could easily pull up on youtube! Gosh, you don't get that time back 3 hours of purely reading a handbook. I mean waste your time if you want but even if you know nothing literally researching will prove to be more helpful! Extremely disappointed.

Ukulele: The Easy Way

SandraDee A.

Attended: Ukulele: The Easy Way

I though this was a beginners class. I told the Teacher at the begging of the class I was a bit Rusty from being sick. He had no issues until I went to tune my Ukulele it was hard to Tune. Had not tune my Ukulele for long time. Anthony Started Yelling STOP STOP , What wrong with you. don't you listen! Needless to say, I was shocked.He then tells me he does not mean to scold me like a child I told him, well you did! Then he said you have to understand I can not Spend the Whole class helping to tune a UKulele.Stop we are going to go on. So in other words there are 2 people in the Class, and he does not want to Teach Certain People? He starts to Teach Cords, I can not do this because my Ukulele is not tuned. So I Turned off my Mic and Tune my Ukulele. When I do turn back on my Mic the class is almost finished. Anthony wraps up says he going send us Homework (never sends to me) Says he will see us next week.I said we'll see. My Question to Horse Corse Why Would I take anymore Classes from you . No Refund No matter how you are treated , be verbally abuse by a Teacher , No one reads the Whole Reviews, than to figure out that You have to spend more Money when you did not go back to the 2 nd Class! I am No ones Fool! Maybe I should just write a Reviwes to make Sure Lots People See my Thoughts SANDRA Dee Smolinsky AuCoin

Become A Notary Public

Augustine C.

Attended: Become A Notary Public

Great Class!!!!

Piano/Keyboarding for Adults- Beginning


Attended: Piano/Keyboarding for Adults- Beginning

I really enjoyed the class! The teacher was very nice and open to any question. Was a wonderful experience

Spanish for Kids (Ages 7-10) Level 1


Attended: Spanish for Kids (Ages 7-10) Level 1

The teacher was great. Very patient and understanding. My 2 children attended this course and enjoyed it.

Essential Soups

Alicia S.

Attended: Essential Soups

I learned a lot in this class because Carrie have an important knowledge about nutrition and food properties. I cooked the two recipes following her instructions. I feel this is a new approach to prepare, cook and eat in a healthier way.

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