Sculpture Classes Los Angeles

Unleash your creativity and explore the world of sculpture with a variety of hands-on classes in Los Angeles. Learn the art of molding, carving, and shaping various materials and gain the skills to bring your imagination to life.

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Figure Sculpture

David Simon Studio @ 15414 Cabrito Road, Van Nuys, CA 91406

In this class we will work from a live model in oil based clay over an armature. I will be covering armature building, proportions, anatomy, gesture, structure, and rhythm. We will also discuss tool use and finishing techniques.

Tuesday Oct 24th, 7–10pm Pacific Time

 (8 sessions)


8 sessions

Portrait Sculpture

David Simon Studio @ 15414 Cabrito Road, Van Nuys, CA 91406

In this class we will create a portrait from the live model. the first 4 sessions are spent getting an accurate likeness through a combination of 3-dimensional measurements and careful observation.  The final 4 weeks will begin by posing the model to evoke their personality and making corresponding adjustments to the portrait. The class will cover topics such as proportion, design of the bust, clay handling, sculpting hair, and treatment of...

Thursday Oct 26th, 7–10pm Pacific Time

 (8 sessions)


8 sessions

Mosaic Glass on Wood

Allen Kenoyer Stained Glass @ 4571 Artesia Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260

Learn to make a beautiful 16" Square mosaic table or wall hanging for your home in this class even if you have never done mosaics before!  Scrap glass is included. Supplies will be available for purchase during class. $9 for a 16” plywood or bring your own. No Prerequisite - Everyone welcome - Glass cutting a plus, but not required. You will not finish the project in class. You will finish it on your own and come back for a grouting...

Saturday Oct 14th, 1:30–4pm Pacific Time

Weekly Sculpting (Adults & Teens)

The Art Studio @ 6450 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683

In the four-hour studio class Rachel Chang will teach beginning students the basics, and intermediate and advanced students how to further develop their skills while working in either water-based or oil-based clay. Class Instruction will be crucial in helping students develop their eye, intuition, and imagination. Figurative or abstract, Rachel help you work from a drawing, photo photo references or your imagination as you work to sculpt your ideas...

Saturday Oct 7th, 10am–2pm Pacific Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

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Sculpture Seminar

Hunter Killer Studio @ 1849 Dana St, California City, CA 91201

These lectures will not only improve the student's sculpting skills, but many of the concepts can be applied to various other fields and everyday life. The seminar itself is rather short, but after three days, students will be able to think and grow on their own; ultimately seeing positive changes continue even after the seminar. Approximately 2 weeks to one month before the seminar, students will receive an email with assignment details. Assignment...

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Fantasy Sculpture

Valley Art Workshop @ 5210 Collier Place, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Intuitive Figurative Sculpture From Imagination (Please arrive 20 minutes early. Parking is ample and easy. ) — PLEASE NOTE THAT STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO SUPPLY THEIR OWN MATERIALS (LISTED AT BOTTOM). JOHN WILL HAVE SOME MATERIALS AND REFERENCES TO SUPPLEMENT. — Making the jump from figure drawing to conceptual sculpture can be a huge challenge. In this four-day workshop, students will learn how to approach sculpting in an intuitive way,...

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4 sessions

Sculpting the Fantastic

Valley Art Workshop @ 5210 Collier Place, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

In this 2 day workshop, Matt will both introduce students to the formal basics of sculpture and lead them through the imagination and execution of their own characters. The workshop will include: A 20-minute presentation of Matt's work and biography, with audience Q & A. A 45-minute demonstration of Matt's initial approach in creating a sculpture. Interactive Instruction. The remaining time for the two days will involve Matt advising students...

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2 sessions

Fibre Sculpture

Maryanne Moodie @ 11914 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

G'day Fibre lovers!  I'm incredibly excited to be offering a completely NEW class on Fiber Sculpture and manipulation! Item details Handmade item Made to order Materials yarn,  loom What you get:  We will cover techniques such as tassels, wrapping and rainbows and garlands  needle and scissors enough fibres and instruction to make a variety of sculptures 3 hours of tuition with Maryanne Moodie MM tote bag 

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Cake Sculptures

SPACE South Pasadena Arts Center @ 1506 Mission St‎, South Pasadena, CA 91030

Students will create design ideas by drawing and model making, looking at related art works, and material and construction demonstrations. An introductory course in sculpture with a twist - students will create cake sculptures with a variety of mediums including boxes, foam, paper plates, card board, molding paste, cake piping utensils, acrylic paint, and a variety of decorative elements like lace, trim, buttons, and fake fruit, and molding paste....

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5 sessions

Felted Mobiles

Makers Mess @ 602 N Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Needle felting is a fun way to sculpt unspun wool into miniature, fuzzy, 3-D objects. In this 3 hour class, you'll learn how the basics of needle felting to create your own little figures to string into your own custom mobile or wall hanging. Don't forget to BYOB!

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Digital Life Sculpting (with ZBrush)

Studio Arts @ 570 W Avenue 26, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Working from a live model offers an unrivaled approach to improving your sculpting skills.  Join us to learn to sculpt live models using Pixologic ZBrush. Utilizing ZBrush, this class will showcase software techniques that focus on improving the foundation of your digital sculpting skills. Topics covered include: anatomy, weight, rhythm, gesture, skin and muscle over bone, and character posing. The class is an intermediate-to-advanced level...

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10 sessions

Make Furniture: Intermediate MIG

Molten Metal Works, LLC @ 3617 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA 91204

This class will cover the basics of designing, jigging, and constructing welded steel furniture. Come and start building a dining room table, a outdoor patio set, a firepit, or whatever that thing is that your place has been wanting. For the first two weeks, we’ll practice techniques by building something for the shop, learning how to use the horizontal bandsaw, cut miters, use the drill press, how to keep everything nice and square while welding,...

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6 sessions

Virtual Afterschool Class - Once Upon a Time with Clay

Dragonfly Designs @ Virtual Class

What do a greedy troll and some hungry goats have in common with a brother and sister who come upon a house made of candy and decide to eat to their hearts’ contentment? Why, everything! We invite students to join as our talented instructor teaches them how to bring these and other fairy tales to life, step-by-step, using different types of media such as air-dry clay and tempera paint! Kids will learn all about space by designing...

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8 sessions

Glass Blowing by the Sea

Glass House Studio @ 717 Valley Drive #A2, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Each experience is two hours and depending on the number of students you will have 20-30 min with the artist that will support them in their project. You will have the option to make two of these choices during our time together: paper weight heart flower clam shells Each person will go one at a time to give you time with the material and instructor on an individual basis. You can choose from a variety of colors that...

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Shadow Art

Allen Kenoyer Stained Glass @ 4571 Artesia Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260

Create a masterpiece using decorative soldering techniques on glass billets. Using the depth of this type of glass create an amazing 2 sided 3-d effect. Students are responsible for their supplies.  Glass Billets MUST be ordered at least 3 weeks in advance and cost approx 45 - 65 each. Prerequisite: Basic Soldering (Beg Foil Class or Private Lesson) Important: Get in touch with us first at [email protected] with your credentials...

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2 sessions

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Discover the Best Sculpture Classes in Los Angeles

Sculpture is three-dimensional artwork, and includes a huge variety of different sizes and styles. Many sculptors work with traditional materials like clay and wood, however, some experiment with less conventional items such as “found” objects and recycled materials. While some sculpture is created to look realistic, other artists use more abstract styles. In recent years, sculptors have also begun to add other types of media–such as light or video projection–to their work, creating a multi-sensory viewing experience. Sculpture is a form of artistic expression that dates back thousands of years, to ancient times, when people carved small figures out of bone or stone.

Why You Should Learn Sculpture in Los Angeles

Many people find sculpture to be personally fulfilling because of the high level of creativity involved. Sculpture is different from many other types of art–such as painting or drawing–because viewers can interact with it, and also because it can be seen in many different ways, depending on one’s perspective. Sculptors also have the freedom to utilize a vast number of different materials in their work, and can manipulate and combine those materials in an endless number of ways. 

In addition to serving as a creative outlet, sculpting classes can also have a number of practical applications. Sculptors gain a deeper understanding of proportions, volume, and anatomy, and they learn how to visualize three-dimensional forms. They also develop problem-solving skills, patience, and hand-eye coordination. All of these skills can be useful in creative careers such as design, architecture, engineering, and visual and fine arts.

In-Person Sculpture Classes in Los Angeles

There are many in-person sculpture classes in the Los Angeles area. For instance, Los Angeles City College runs a five-session course called Ceramics: Clay Sculpting. Classes are on Saturday mornings, and total tuition is $195. Participants use hand building and clay decorating techniques to create a number of different ceramic pieces. They need to bring a basic pottery tool kit to class, which can be purchased for about $10 from Amazon and includes a sponge, metal scraper, wire clay cutter, ribbon tool, aluminum needle, loop tool, potter's rib, and modeling tool. Los Angeles City College is located less than five miles from downtown Los Angeles. One of its goals is to empower students from diverse communities. 

Valley Art Workshop offers Fantasy Sculpture, which is $450, and has four class sessions. This class is focused on taking students from figure drawing to conceptual sculpture. All participants leave with a finished sculpture. They need to bring wire, epoxy, a wood base, basic sculpture tools, and a package of clay.Valley Art Workshop is located in the San Fernando Valley, which is about 15 miles from the coast, and about 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles. The Workshop is an art education and performance venue, and has been operating since 2009. 

The Art Studio, founded in 1994 by local artists, offers a Weekly Sculpting class that runs on Saturdays. One four-hour class is $85, and a block of four classes–which the school recommends–is $320. The class is appropriate for all skill levels, with students receiving instruction that matches their experience. They work with either water-based or oil-based clay. The school supplies the clay, in addition to wire, wood board, and sculpting tools. Students need to bring a sketchbook, and pens and pencils. The Art Studio is in Westminster, which is about 30 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Virtual Sculpture Classes 

Online sculpture classes allow students to learn without leaving their homes. All that is needed to take a virtual class is a computer and an internet connection. This class format has become popular in recent years because it allows a lot of flexibility, and gives students access to a greater number of class options. However, virtual sculpting classes can be more challenging in some cases, since it can be more difficult to learn certain techniques by watching them on a screen. In addition, students in virtual classes generally need to provide all of their own tools and materials, while these are often provided by the studio with an in-person class.

Despite these challenges, students will still find a number of virtual sculpture classes. For instance, the nonprofit Evanston Art Center, which runs out of Evanston, Illinois, offers Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, Making Sculpture. This class is focused on helping students push past the boundaries set by the use of traditional sculpting materials, and learn to utilize a variety of repurposed materials instead. Students need to have fishing line and kitchen shears for the first session of class. Tuition is $375.

Students interested in a virtual sculpture class will also find a course called Portrait Sculpture, which runs through the Grand Central Atelier school in Queens, New York. In this virtual class, instructors cover a variety of skills related to sculpting a portrait from a live model, including using measurements, sculpting specific features, adding expression, and infusing life. Students also learn how to maintain clay at home. Tuition for this class is $495.

Students can also learn other art skills virtually. For example, the New York Sewing Center offers a virtual class called Sewing 101, which has four sessions, and costs $450. Instructors teach students a range of sewing skills including reading a commercial pattern, choosing the right fabric, understanding sewing terminology, and using seam finishes and different stitches. Students work on a pair of drawstring pants or a skirt, and a drawstring pouch.

Private Group Sculpture Classes in Los Angeles

CourseHorse offers a number of different sculpture classes for private groups. A group sculpture class can be a great option for team-building, or it can just be a fun way to get together as a group. Most group classes include all needed supplies, making planning easy. In addition, no registration is required, and there are no booking fees. A class confirmation is sent out within 24 hours of booking. 

Virtual Clay Hand Building is one popular group sculpture class. It costs $75 per person, and can accommodate up to 500 people. Instructors in this class cover a number of different pottery techniques, and then students work on either a candle holder or a planter. No prior experience is needed, and all materials are provided. In addition, participants work with air-dry clay, which does not need to be dried in a kiln.

The Polymer Clay Jewelry is another group class where participants sculpt with clay. In this class, participants create their own custom jewelry, which can be as simple, or complex, as they want. Clay, sculpting tools, and accessories are all provided ahead of time. This class can accommodate up to 500 people, and costs $85 per person.

Group classes that are booked through CourseHorse have a flexible change policy. This means that changes can be made to the total group size up to 72 hours before the event, as long as the minimum group size has been met. To receive more information about private group sculpture classes, or to book a class, contact CourseHorse.