BATS Improv

BATS Improv

Performing Arts
MARINA, San Francisco, California
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BATS Improv is a professional theatre company and an artistic community that cultivates and innovates the craft of improvised theatre through engaging, playful, creative performance and training.

Founded in 1986, we are the most highly acclaimed and longest-running improvised theatre company and school in San Francisco and all of Northern California.

BATS Improv is more than a theatre company and a school. We are a center for improvised theatre — an integrated universe of improv. We are a community of people who share our vision, who want to challenge themselves, have fun, and connect with others who feel the same way.

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2 Marina Blvd Bldg B, San Francisco, California 94123
BATS Improv
2 Marina Blvd Bldg B
At Pope Rd
San Francisco, California 94123

Teachers at BATS Improv

Dave Dennison Jeff Michael Jenny Rosen John Remak John and Liz John and Liz John and Liz Laura Derry Mona Thompson Rebecca Poretsky San Manh San Manh San Manh Sharon and Nicole Tim Orr
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