Suzanne Y. Sigüenza

Teaches at Unity Woods Yoga Center

Suzanne Y. Sigüenza, is our Assistant Administrator and manages our website and our boutique. As an instructor, she is dedicated to offering yoga to her students as a steady foundation for living in the present, with awareness, compassion, benevolence and lots of humor.

She began her yoga studies in 1991. In 1996 she came to Unity Woods to study with John Schumacher and has studied twice in India with the Iyengars. Suzanne was one of the first teachers to offer Yoga for Athletes workshops (Runners, Marathoners, Cyclists) in the DC area as well as yoga for Seniors, which she established at UW in 2001 .

Suzanne is an artist (MFA in Painting), loves vintage things and values, as well as the present moment because that is what she has. She still enjoys bicycling, swimming, and running non-competitively. Most times, when not at Unity Woods, she can be found writing or painting in her art studio with her very talkative, multi-lingual Quaker Parrots, Spirit and Seymour. At precious times, they sit silently in her rocking chair enjoying a good old paper paged book.

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