Chelli Kasten

Teaches at DivaDance DC

You Can Call Me: Chelli

Hometown: Being an Army brat has blessed me with so many hometowns - Germany, Japan, New York, now the DMV!

Day Job: Owner of a Pet Care company, Kids Fitness Instructor

Favorite Diva: Cardi B

Favorite Music Video: God is a Woman - Ariana Grande

Favorite Emoji: The laughing/crying face, Sassy Girl with Hand out

Favorite Food or Cocktail: Sushi, Gin & Tonic

Favorite Outfit to Slay in: Body Suit + Leggings + Heels

Dancefloor Jam: Throw a Fit - Tinashe

Fave Beauty Product: Kat Von D Alchemy Highlight Palette

My Hashtag is: #livingmybestlife #icametoslay

A Secret: I'm actually a dancing alien in a human's body. My space ship crashed on a dance floor on Earth and I decided to never leave.

Personal Mantra: Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

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