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Chicago Botanic Garden - Virtually Online

Investigate the basics of mindfulness and meditation through a relaxed discussion suitable for beginners. Participate in a brief meditation session led by your instructor that concludes with an open forum where your thoughts and questions are encouraged. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a cushion, block, or blanket if you prefer. This meditation class is offered both online as a virtual class or on-site as an in-person class. Please choose either...

Sunday Oct 8th, 1–2:30pm Central Time

Change Your Aura, Change Your Life

Spiritual Arts Institute @ Live virtual class

A Six-Week Divine Light Meditation Training (Part I of The Seven Spiritual Arts Program) You Will Discover: How to work with the power rays of spiritual enrichment, including love, prosperity, healing, wisdom, and inspiration. A complete picture of your aura looks like. New insights into the chakra system. How to work with your celestial support system. Ways meditation brings you closer to your divine nature helping you unfold your soul’s...

Wednesday Oct 4th, 6:30–8pm Pacific Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Yoga Nidra for Deep Peace & Healing

Liberate Hollywood

Yoga Nidra is a practice of psychic sleep, as you are relaxed into a conscious state, akin to a lucid dream. Deep transformation can occur through Yoga Nidra as we set a soul level intention or resolve that permeates deep into the subconscious through the practice, bringing a powerful opportunity for healing and transcendence. Through Yoga Nidra, it is possible to cultivate deep inner peace and a balanced state of being. Benefits of Yoga Nidra...

Tuesday Nov 7th, 6–7pm Pacific Time

Positive Thinking and Meditation

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

This 6-week course (once a week) will help you understand the nature of the mind and the art and practice of positive thinking to develop concentration and inner stability as a way to lead to a happier and more balanced life. You’ll begin to examine the nature of your thoughts and learn to transform them, making way for a calmer mind and better relationships. Meditation offers a pathway to living life with freedom and full awareness of our...

Saturday Oct 14th, 10:30–11:30am Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Qi Gong

Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness @ Virtual Classroom

This healing class focus's on Ying and Yang principals and ancient philosophy. Today we use the techniques of circular movements, tapping, meditation, and vocalization to awaken the bodies self healing response. Restoring a state of balance and health by opening of the acupressure points, meridians, and chakras. Ancient asian practitioner's used this technique to move Chi, find balance and create optimal energy (life force). How to join us online...

Tuesday Oct 10th, 11am–12:15pm Central Time

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Tuning in: A Group for Deepening Your Intuition

Mikella Millen

This is is an experiential class focusing on the 4 main forms of psychic perception: seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing. Each week will explore a different sense, allowing you to deepen your capacity to receive information and identify the gifts you already have, with suggested exercises to practice between classes. We will consider ways to fortify energetic boundaries, explore the idea of "empathic consent", and become more conscious about how...

Thursday Oct 5th, 7–11:55pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

Soul Nourishment: Replenishing Our Presence and Purpose

One Spirit Learning Alliance

With so much heartbreak in the world and with the increasing demands of our busy lives, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and alone – and to lose the inspiration that has invited us to be in joyful service and creativity. How can we best nourish our souls, remember our calling and purpose, and live the meaningful lives we imagine and deserve? Join Diane and David in a mini-retreat of reconnection that will incorporate practice, poetry, and prayer...

Saturday Feb 24th, 9:30am–5pm Eastern Time

LEVEL II - Masks: Who Are You?

Kabbalah Experience - Virtually Online

Who Are You?: In this first semester of In Inner Transformation you are challenged to strip away your previous understandings of who you are and explore the relationship between your outer selves, inner selves and your essence. The Kabbalah teachings have a profound interest in revealing the masks (ie. selves, identifications, roles), you wear to ensure that you can answer the question: Are you wearing the mask or is the mask wearing you? What was...

Tuesday Oct 10th, 10–11:30am Mountain Time

 (4 sessions)


4 sessions

Wise Finances (Virtual 6-Week Workshop)

Silvia Gonzalez @ Live Online

Rediscover a new relationship with your finances. Wise Finances is designed to facilitate you in becoming aware of what changes need to be implemented, so you can transform your relationship with money. In actively and honestly participating in the exercises, you discover your ability to change what is not working and develop a much richer and healthier attitude towards your finances. Throughout the six weeks: Learn different topics to enhance...

Saturday Oct 28th, 10am–12pm Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

What’s Your Financial Story?

Silvia Gonzalez @ Live Online

This workshop focuses on: Recognizing your financial story Understanding the impact it has on your finances Learning how to detach from the story Accepting your current situation, so you can make effective decisions Implementing mindful practices to ease your mind when habitual triggers rise What makes this method different from other financial methods is that it addresses the person, as well as, the mechanics of finances; thus, healing...

Saturday Oct 28th, 2–3pm Eastern Time


Virtual Wise Finances Workshop – Routine

Silvia Gonzalez @ Live Online

This workshop focuses on: Implementing routine to achieve financial success Elevating financial management while reducing fear and anxiety Establishing structure and cultivating stability Creating a budget to help monitor expenses What does mindfulness mean regarding your finances Incorporating mindful practices to ease your mind when habitual triggers rise What makes this method different from other financial methods is that it addresses...

Sunday Nov 12th, 10am–12pm Eastern Time

Virtual Wise Finances Workshop – Debt

Silvia Gonzalez @ Live Online

This workshop focuses on: Understanding the different kinds of debt The importance of a budgeting while paying down debt Deciding which debt relief strategy is best for you Ways to increase income to reduce your debt What does mindfulness mean regarding your finances Incorporating mindful practices to ease your mind when habitual triggers rise What makes this method different from other financial methods is that it addresses the person,...

Sunday Oct 29th, 10am–12pm Eastern Time

Virtual Wise Finances Workshop – Budgeting

Silvia Gonzalez @ Live Online

Wise Finances is designed to facilitate you in becoming aware of what changes need to be implemented, so you can transform your relationship with money.   This workshop focuses on: What does mindfulness mean regarding your finances Incorporating mindful practices to ease your mind when habitual triggers rise Understanding the importance of creating and maintaining a budget How monitoring expenses helps you spend your money wisely Closing...

Sunday Dec 3rd, 10am–12pm Eastern Time

Virtual Wise Finances Workshop – Divorcing Financially

Silvia Gonzalez @ Live Online

Divorcing financially is achievable with the right tools. The key is being emotionally stable, informed, and prepared. Discover how to take care of yourself and your emotions, so you can effectively communicate with your partner and lawyers Learn the steps needed to detach financially from your partner Create a budget and start your financial plan A peaceful divorce contributes to an easier transition for your family and less money spent on lawyers...

Sunday Oct 8th, 10am–12pm Eastern Time

Virtual Wise Finances Workshop – Financial Planning

Silvia Gonzalez @ Live Online

Wise Finances is designed to facilitate you in becoming aware of what changes need to be implemented, so you can transform your relationship with money.   This workshop focuses on: What does mindfulness mean regarding your finances Incorporating mindful practices to ease your mind when habitual triggers rise Understanding the importance of establishing short-term and long-term goals Designing a financial plan, so you can achieve your...

Sunday Oct 15th, 10am–12pm Eastern Time

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Discover the Best Meditation Classes Online

Meditation is a practice dating back thousands of years. While meditation was originally linked to religious practice, anyone can meditate and enjoy the associated benefits. In fact, many people meditate today without any religious purpose in mind, but they are still reaping the benefits of meditation. There are many varieties of meditation, from meditating alone, with music, during a walk, or with a voiceover guide. The good news is almost any form of meditation is beneficial, and it couldn’t be easier to get started.

Why You Should Learn Meditation Online

As far as hobbies go, meditation doesn’t demand much, and it can be both fun and relaxing. In fact, meditation is linked to reduced symptoms of mental health difficulties like depression and anxiety, as well as increased ability to concentrate, think clearly, and problem-solve efficiently. It’s not just lower stress and clearer thinking that people can look forward to though; meditation can also significantly improve physical health by way of better sleep and improved heart function.

With these things in mind, meditation’s impact on productivity shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, multiple studies have shown that meditation practice is linked to increased job performance. Even meditating for five minutes (or less) at a desk can reduce stress and racing thoughts in the middle of a busy work day. It can also help people stay focused against distractions and provide a boost of energy to continue working on a difficult task.

Virtual Meditation Classes 

For those interested in joining a larger community of meditators, there’s no need to go it alone. There are plenty of online meditation classes available through CourseHorse, and with each catered to different preferences and approaches, anyone can find classes that prove a good fit for them.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation from Santa Monica College offers a straightforward introduction to one of the most popular varieties of meditation and is spread out over six sessions. The class offers simple, easy-to-follow instructions as well as guided meditation practice. If enhancing clarity of sense perception or building concentration are of particular interest, this class emphasizes both benefits in addition to helping lessen the stresses of everyday life.

If a more spiritual form of meditation sounds appealing, Spiritual Arts Institute will be hosting Change Your Aura, Change Your Life. The course focus is largely on learning to identify one’s aura, or spiritual energy. In doing this work, the course also promises accelerated healing and release of negative habits, past traumas, or other health difficulties. When you secure your seat in the class, you will also receive access to comprehensive training videos from aura experts and a Divine Light meditation manual.

Binaural Beats & Consciousness Experiential from Infinity Foundation uses auditory frequencies played in each ear to help induce your brain into a heightened state of consciousness and concentration while you meditate. This three-session remote class promises to promote creativity in addition to the familiar meditation benefits of increased concentration, reduced stress, and heightened relaxation.

Private Online Group Meditation Classes

If you’re looking for a fun team-building event for your business or organization, group meditation classes might be the perfect fit. CourseHorse offers live, private online group meditation classes for businesses, and they can deliver these classes straight to you.

One of the best options is this 30-minute virtual guided group meditation with room for up to 500 participants. CourseHorse offers plenty of flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to booking, with confirmations being sent within 24 hours, no booking fees, and the ability to adjust group sizes after booking if needed. In addition, while Zoom is listed as a default platform for hosting events, CourseHorse supports multiple platforms and will accommodate based on your preferences. 

For smaller groups of up to 40 people, you could look into a meditation that focuses on decompression for high stress teams. The only materials needed for this 30-minute session are a comfortable space and comfy clothes, and there’s even an option to have larger groups accommodated if needed.

Virtual Mindful Meditation for the (Home) Office is for organizations who want to focus on team-building through meditation. One advantage to booking this course for a large group is that it offers both 30-minute and 60-minute options for meditation sessions, so it may be worth considering if you’d like a longer team meditation. As with the other private group meditation classes, multiple online platforms are accommodated and group sizes can be changed after initial booking.

If you still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, CourseHorse is happy to help provide you with whatever your group needs. You can reach out through the contact form on their site to learn about the options available. Be sure to include the projected size of your group, preferred dates, and any other important details such as the type of meditation you want to experience, and CourseHorse promises to get back to you within two business hours. 

Online vs. In-Person Meditation Classes

With so many types of meditation and classes available, it can be intimidating to decide between all the in-person or online options. In-person meditation classes offer the benefit of a designated space conducive to relaxation, with equipment like mats often being provided for you. You’ll also be in immediate proximity to other classmates and your instructors, so it can feel easier to make connections or ask questions if you have any, especially with less concern over people dropping quickly from a Zoom session before you have the chance to get their attention.

Still, you may find there are limited options for in-person meditation classes in your area, with some requiring lengthy commutes that may only add to the stress you’re hoping to eliminate. In situations like this, it’s hard to beat the convenience of online classes, where all you need to participate is a decent internet connection and a device to access course sessions and material. For those whose primary concerns involve seeking out crucial relaxation time in the midst of hectic schedules, online may be the way to go.

Can I Learn Meditation for Free Online?

The short answer is: yes, you can get started with online tutorials/videos. There are hundreds of resources online to help you begin, especially if you’re just wanting to familiarize yourself with the basics of meditation and the many kinds of meditation there are. However, formal training from an expert will help most people learn faster and better, and the organization and focus of a specific class can help alleviate any potentially overwhelming feelings that might result in sifting through online material by yourself.