South Brooklyn Fencing

South Brooklyn Fencing

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Greenwood, Brooklyn, New York
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South Brooklyn Fencing (“SBF”) is a fencing academy that aims to bridge the gap between the elite sport of fencing and the urban environment of Brooklyn. Situated in Southernmost area of Park Slope between 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue on 21st street, this institute serves New York City’s residents. 

A unique aspect about South Brooklyn Fencing is that it will only provide lessons in the Olympic weapon Foil, rather than all three weapons. By having an environment that only caters to foil, children and adults of all ages will be able to hone in and focus their talent without any distractions. Our members are comprised of beginner, intermediate, and national level fencers who compete on the U.S. fencing circuit.

The Head Coach Anibal Alvear, grew up fencing in Chile and was an active member of Chile’s National Team for 12 years. Since moving to New York City in 2013, he has continued his dedication to the elite sport. His focal point is to ensure self-confidence, focus, and precision while simultaneously instilling admiration, respect, and sportsmanship within his students. 

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211 21st St, Brooklyn, New York 11232
South Brooklyn Fencing
Greenwood, Brooklyn
211 21st St
Btwn 4th & 5th Avenues
Brooklyn, New York 11232

Next to the R train 25th or Prospect Ave.

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Summer Camp
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