New York School of the Arts

Upper East Side, New York, New York
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New York School of the Arts is a school that has been created to fulfill the expectation of the transformed contemporary art world. It is based on the heritage of the traditional discipline and at the same time an exploration of the new media. In the modern context of New York City, we use a strong atelier methodology along with critical and conceptual practices.

Conceived as a multidisciplinary hub, our school explores the studies of fine arts, design, architecture and music and, with our future Center of the Arts, will host an international gallery, artist’s studio and our Arts Intensive Program. Counting on the support and the expertise of important living and visiting artists, our students have access to a range of cutting-edge workshops, lectures, panel discussions, critiques, and school events.  

We offer a broad spectrum of arts educational programs, programs in general art study, studio practices, instruction on the business of art and later a study abroad program with an intention to broaden our international dimension. Students also find enrichment in museum and gallery visits as well as opportunities to participate in areas of specialized study with other partnering New York City art organizations. Students have many opportunities to exhibit their work in the School galleries, including in our prestigious year end Annual Show.  

Our dynamic and flexible program structure provides students with a solid foundation in arts education. Also, students have opportunities to experience and collaborate with visiting art professionals such as art dealers, curators, and members of other prestigious art institutions. This will facilitate connections with New York City galleries and an immersion into the New York City art scene. This multi-faceted experience provides our students with the comprehensive knowledge and support they need for a professional career in the arts.

Reviews of New York School of the Arts

(1 Review)


Attended: Projects in Printmaking

I have taken numerous courses at the New York School of the Arts. Printmaking as well Abstract Painting and Alternative Materials and Cyanotype The professors are extreemely professional and knowledege. The classes are not overly large so you are able to work with the professors individually. They go beyond to help you further your own creative vision. The students are very welcoming and there is always interesting dialogue between all involved. A special enviroment with much enthisuiasm for the artistic process.