West Los Angeles College

West Los Angeles College

Culver City, Los Angeles, California
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West Los Angeles College is an accredited California Community College offering paths to university transfer, career education and courses for personal or professional growth. It occupies 70 park-like acres overlooking Culver City, Marina Del Rey and Greater West Los Angeles. On a clear day, from the highest points on campus, you can see the Pacific Ocean. With an active student population of nearly 12,000 regular and extension students, our 110 full-time faculty, more than 300 hourly faculty and 112 classified staff create an educational environment unique in Southern California.

Our Dental Hygiene program is a national model and extremely competitive to enter. We have the only American Bar Association Approved Paralegal program in the Los Angeles Community College District. The campus boasts state of the art childcare and learning services to help students succeed in their studies. Our athletic fields have been host to Olympic events (the hammer throw, and track and field event at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games).

All students at West have the opportunity for success. The College awards more than 600 degrees and certificates annually in 39 different fields. Each year, West sends more than 300 transfer students to four year colleges and many West Associate degree and Certificate program graduates begin professional employment immediately after graduation in consumer education, engineering and industrial technologies, law and health.

Our students have gone on to the greatest of successes. More than 60% of our Associate Degree graduates each year transfer to four year colleges. Several of our former students are now faculty or staff members at West. Our athletes have gone on to professional sports, including NFL Hall of Fame inductee Warren Moon. A former President of the college was once a student at West.

West creates success through its innovative programs. The college offers traditional transfer and associate degrees through its academic programs as well as certificate and special programs. Each semester, the college offers nearly 1,000 classes in 12 different academic disciplines.

Notes: Maps, directions, and parking info are on our website at http://www.wlac.edu/westside/WestsideMapandLegend.pdf. Please contact the school for specific room information. The Westside Extension office is located at the back of Parking Lot 5.

Reviews of West Los Angeles College

(58 Reviews)
Card Magic for Beginners (Remote Live)


Attended: Card Magic for Beginners (Remote Live)

It was a lot of fun. Learned some new tricks.

Card Magic for Beginners (Remote Live)

Nancy R.

Attended: Card Magic for Beginners (Remote Live)

lots of fun I learned some basics want another class could this be a series?

Investment Planning Series (Remote Live)

Julie N.

Attended: Investment Planning Series (Remote Live)

This was a great class!! Brian Asher was insanely knowledgable and a really engaging instructor. I wish I had taken a course like this 20 years ago, I would have made far better decisions with my money. I think the instructor really makes a difference in a course like this. He made the information come alive. I would not hesitate to take more courses with him. Plus he’s hilarious!

Birdwatching Basics (Remote Live)


Attended: Birdwatching Basics (Remote Live)

I thought the Birdwatching Basics class was excellent, and just right for a newcomer to bird watching. The instructor was very enthusiastic and engaging. There were a lot of fun and interesting facts, as well as great bird photos, in the PowerPoint presentation. The class was not the full 3 hours (it's meant to be a lecture followed by an actual birdwatching walk, but the latter could not occur given the virtual setting), but I think it was just the right amount of time - I'd suggest the listing on CourseHorse be updated to reflect that it's more like 2 hours. I did take my own birdwatching walk afterward and I felt like I was able to see and hear with new eyes and ears after this class!

Birdwatching Basics (Remote Live)

Monique R.

Attended: Birdwatching Basics (Remote Live)

Enjoyed the class. I think the description should have said that it was going to just be 2 hours since the 3rd hour would have been an outdoor group bird walk had we been in a physical class. Instructor was good, though.

Practical Spanish (Remote Live)


Attended: Practical Spanish (Remote Live)

The teacher is very good. Engaging and knowledgeable and moves at a good pace.

Notary Loan Signing Seminar

Tina L.

Attended: Notary Loan Signing Seminar

Well informed.. Good teaching.

Become a Notary Public with State Notary Public Exam


Attended: Become a Notary Public with State Notary Public Exam

Rosie’s accent is extremely thick - it’s hard to understand her. However, you can tell she’s passionate about what she does and knows the business. She did her best and that why I gave her 4 stars.

Creating a Business Plan (Remote Live)


Attended: Creating a Business Plan (Remote Live)

did not attend last weekend class because i found out weekend before which was the 9th that i had book the wrong class and that it was too late to get my money back are a credit note for a future class. I must say i was so disappointed but its no one fault just mind. The class that i was interested in is none profitable business.

Become a Notary Public with State Notary Public Exam

Adriana V.

Attended: Become a Notary Public with State Notary Public Exam

Loved it, the instructor was very knowledgeable of the topic.

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Fine Arts Bldg 9000 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, California 90230
West Los Angeles College
Culver City, Westside
Fine Arts Bldg 9000 Overland Ave
At Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90230


Maps, directions, and parking info can be found here

Please contact the school for specific room information.

The closest parking to our new location is in the South Parking Structure (Lot 8A), directly across from the Fine Arts building. Note that if you park in non-metered parking spaces without a permit, you may be ticketed.

Teachers at West Los Angeles College

Abdul Albert Marotta Alison Deliman Allied Health West LA College, Lisa Kamibayashi, Joy Ogami Andy Henry Angie Botoulas Anne Moebes April Numamoto Ashanti Lyles Ashley Chatman Avghi Constantinides Barbara Spicer Barry Weisenberg Bianca Goldstein Bob Cohen Brenda Galvez Brian Asher Brian Miller Brit & West Soccer Carla Farra Carol Buitrago Carol McDowell Caron Ory Chadwick Struck Charlie Williams Charlotte Chen Christine Tannious Christine Tannious and Verej Isanians Coach Grigore Coah Grigore Curtis Adney Cynthia Ludlow Cynthia Ludlow Daphne Benson Gowans and Xochitl Perez Dave Broida David Huey Dean Higuchi Debi White Donna Hurley Earl Hutchinson Eddie Jaszek Elaine Moran Elissa Kyriacou Erica Silverman Farla Binder Farrah Wheeler Freddie Manseau Gene Konstant Gerald Anderson Gerry Koehler Grace Wong Grace wong Gregory Martin Harriette McCauley Helene Liatsos Holly Powell International Sullivan Jayaton K. Thomas JBCN (JB Casting Networks) Jean Barlow -Nunes Jennessy Tyler Jennifer McIntosh Jessica Minckley Jessica Boyd Josephson Academy of Gymnastics Judy Kalei Higa Julie Schatz Karen Ferguson Karen Civitate Karen Civitate Karla Vega Karyn Klein Kate Reed Kate Rosloff Kathy Macaraeg Katie Kay Kellie Nicholson Kenji Ishida Kristine Allison Krystal Ellis Lauren McNally Leo Summerhays Linda Lees Lindsay Graham Lisa Davis Lary Lisa Davis Larry Lisa Saperston Lisa Kamibayashi & Janine Dunn Loren Medina Lyndsey Baldasare Marey Barthoff Martin Gonzales Marvin Martyn Matthew Gaffney Meredith Flynn Meredith Flynn and Carol Buitrago Michael Ha Michael Lanahan Michael Wilde Molly Barnes Natasha Ward Nezy Pullukalayil Pat Werre Penny Williams Petra Hellstrom Porter Quayum Abdul Randy Martin Renee Raymond Reuben Gonzalgo Rhonda Wagner Roberta Lachman Roberto Cruz RoseMary Cohen Rosie Reed Ryan Cadaret Sameira Mikhael Samuel Rad Sandra Valencia Sandra Lew Sandy Masuo School Avant Garde Fencing Scott Spooner Scott Zaragoza Sheila Stone Shelley Cooper Sidney Lam Sophia Dana Sophia Boebel Srunyu Ampartrakan & David Huey Suzanne Weiss Morgen Tanisha Porter Tanya Rutter Taylor Ware Ted Stanley Thierry Hassid Toyota Sports Center Vandye Forrester Vivian Avila Warren Mullisen Wayne Williams Wiley Brown Will Bartoli Zoe Koufopolous
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